Chandrabose Manoj

Chandrabose Manoj
“Statistics” instructor

Manoj is a highly trained and well experienced “Statistics” instructor attached to the Institute of Lean Management since 2015. Manoj holds Bachelors and Masters level qualifications in Statistics, and currently pursues his Ph.D. in Australia.

He has also worked as a lecturer at Department of Statistics and Computer Science of University of Peradeniya, and Department of Industrial Management of University of Kelaniya for 7+ years. Additionally, he has worked in few other state and professional institutes as a visiting instructor. He has hands on experience in functioning as a Resource Person in Statistical Data Analysis and Software Usage Workshops organized for Industry Professionals and University Academics.
He is also an expert in training MINITAB and works as a six sigma and SPC consultant at Institute of Lean Management. He has experiences on other Statistics software packages such as SPSS, R and SAS.
Manoj is a member of International Statistical Institute (ISI), Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMSTAT) and Institute of Applied Statistics Sri Lanka (IASSL). He has published manuscripts in International Journals, participated and presented his research findings at National and International Conferences.
Throughout his career, Manoj has endorsed by learners as well as experts as a lecturing professional who is well capable of teaching Statistical methods to Non-Statistics persons who usually find it difficult to properly understand and apply them.