Mr. Yukio Ando
Course Director

Mr. Yukio Ando is functioning as the Course Director at Institute of Lean Management Sri Lanka as well as a senior Expert Engineer in the Production Management Consulting Department of Aichi Steel work Company, Tokai. This flourishingly experienced professional has also performed and shared his experience with number of multinational companies.

He is also an experienced Mechanical Engineer by profession who held many senior positions of Aichi Steel Plant of Toyota Group previously. Predominantly, aforementioned insightful Mr. Yukio Ando has triumphed as one of the TPS Exceptional Endowment Winner in the year of 1997.

Additionally, he acknowledged an award in 2005 from TPS Research Committee in Japan together with well sanctioned TPS group leader for seven companies. His passion for his career has given him number of personal achievements letting him to share his experience with a number of multinational companies.