Mr.Thilak Pushpakumara

Thilak Pushpakumara is the founder & the CEO of the Institute of Lean Management (Pvt) Ltd and a corporate trainer, TPM and Lean Management Consultant. He is attached to the consulting division of Hirayama Corporation - Japan as a Management Consultant.

He has been certified on Lean Management at University of Michigan, MI, USA, and trained on lean supply chain, lean in service organization and lean in sales in Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), USA and Lean Enterprise Academy, UK. He is, certified Lean Master Black Belt and Lean Master Coach (Japan) . He has participated in knowledge sharing sessions with global lean leaders in USA, UK and Canada. He has been intensively trained in Japan on TPM, TQM, TPS and Company Wide Problem Solving and he is an expert in Toyota Production System (TPS).

Thilak has been certified on Discover Excellence by Shingo Institute at Utah State University (USA).

Thilak is a Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) accredited Total Productive Maintenance & Management (TPM) Instructor & certified facilitator on gaining change skills by Spenser Johnson Partners, USA. He was trained by DuPont Safety Resources, USA on Managing Safety Systems that work for operations managers with audit training and also on train the trainer by internationally acclaimed Bob Pike Group, USA.

Thilak has 20 years of hands on experience acquired through success in a number of senior managerial positions in the field of manufacturing and 12 years as a trainer and consultant. He has gained a wealth of experience working closely with world’s leading consultants in Japan and USA during TPM and lean implementation at Unilever Sri Lanka and Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd. Thilak has trained more than 60,000 executives and managers at deferent levels of 500 leading organizations in Sri Lanka and overseas. He certified more than 2000 manufacturing professionals as TPM practitioners, lean practitioners and advance 5S instructors in Sri Lanka and few from overseas. He has submitted few technical papers on TPM, Lean and Quality Management for local and international forums. He is a member of American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the founder of the Association of TPM Practitioners in Sri Lanka.

Thilak was Former General Manager, Productivity Improvement and Training & Development of Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd. and former Plant Manager, Unilever Sri Lanka. Currently functions as the CEO of the Institute of Lean Management (Pvt) Ltd and shared his experiences and the profound knowledge as corporate trainer & consultant with leading manufacturing organizations in Sri Lanka and facilitated more than 1000 continuous improvement projects and saved more than Rs. 2.5 Billion for industries since 2009.