Mr. Akihiro Ito

Mr. Akihiro Ito is the Director of Consulting Division, Hirayama Corporation.

He has worked in China, Korea, India, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam as a consultant for Kaizen, TPS, 5S, IE Just In Time training, implementation instruct of plant shop improvement, implementing Kaizen activities, consultant for 5S instructor, Justin Time production method and TPS (Toyota Production System and introducing Total Production Control System.

He worked for Just In Time (JIT) Institute, Tokyo for 20 years. He was engaged Just In Time philosophy and method of improvement of productivity in manufacturing plant. Continuously he has been engaged in effective introduction process of Production Management System to small and medium enterprise and even big enterprise.

He has provided consultation for Hitachi group factories, Matsushita (Panasonic) factory, Kubota (agricultural machine maker), Sanyo semi-conductor, QP Mayonnaise, Gateau HARADA, Lunch box, Hamburger restaurant TOTO group factories.

He is a Management Consultant of Institute of Lean Management since 2015.