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Lean Management is an integrated set of principles, practices, tools and techniques designed to address the root causes of operational underperformance. It is a systematic approach to eliminate all the sources of losses and waste from entire value streams in order to close up the gap between actual performance and the requirements of customers and shareholders. Its objective is to optimize cost, quality and delivery while improving safety.

To meet this objective, it tries to eliminate three key sources of loss from the operating system. It is waste, variability and inflexibility. As an initial step Lean will bring problems to the surface and develop the capability in problem solving of all employees and gradually all employees will be developed as waste watchers and change agents and inculcate continuous improvement culture in the organization. Engage everybody every day in problem solving with analytical mind, creative and breakthrough thinking is the path to Lean enterprise. The new technology and innovations will be strengthening the lean journey.

Entrenching across the island in the year 2009, the Institute of Lean Management (ILM) bolsters industrial and service sectors by developing business processes and human resources in order to encounter local and global competition on quality, cost and efficiency. ILM is extensively partnered with industry experts and world renowned institutes throughout the years. The institute has identified the best feasible strategies and practical approaches which fits the state of the art manufacturing in the world.
With programs designed to address today’s business needs and promote in- house training at the least cost with value for money. Eliminating the ‘no one size fits all’ approach; ILM depends on the nature of the business, operating system and the organizational culture. ILM endeavors with leading organizations across the private and public sectors. As a lean management institute the range, purview, and expertise grants the institute to approach disputes that no other institute could offer. The institute possesses highly skilled industry experts to deliver the next generation to greater heights.

Lean Solutions Pvt. Ltd as a part of the Institute of Lean Management, operates over the country boundaries and out spread the wings of Lean Management across Bangladesh catering lean consultancy and professional trainings. ILM is collaborated and affiliated with Hirayama Corporation (TPS experts), Japan and subscribed member of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) the TPM certification body in the world.

Institute of Lean Management, ILM is honored to be a licensed affiliate of The Shingo Institute - the home of the Shingo Prize. The Shingo Institute is a not-for-profit organization housed at Utah State University and named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Business System. Dr. Shingo received his honorary Doctorate of Management from Utah State University in 1988, the year the Shingo Prize was initiated. The Shingo Institute’s mission is to guide leaders in creating sustainable cultures of excellence based on principles. The Shingo Institute’s vision is to be recognized as the global thought leader in enterprise excellence.
ILM is a registered training institution of Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka since 2017.

To be the most preferred business partner in organizational transformation.


    We improve all types of processes, with world class best practices and develop the capability of human resources, through knowledge sharing mentoring and counselling to unleash their potential. We inspire people to challenge status quo and inculcate lean thinking to come up with new ways of working and improve together.


  • Experience the industry application
  • Learn to think LEAN
  • Transform your company LEAN
  • Get tailored training internally


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The lead resource person of ILM is the TPM and Lean Management Expert in Sri Lanka, Thilak Pushpakumara who is the CEO of ILM has closely worked with almost all leading organizations in Sri Lanka as a trainer and consultant since 2009. More than 500 organizations invested in ILM services including multinational companies which operate in Sri Lanka and overseas organizations. His training delivery carries decade of industry experience backed with specialized training in Japan, UK and USA and closely engaging with global lean community in sharing the knowledge and research findings.


Shingo Model™

Dr. Shigeo Shingo has been described as an “engineering genius” who helped to understand the concepts, systems and techniques that, under his tutelage, became fundamental to the renowned Toyota Production System(TPS) , sometimes referred to as the Toyota Business System. The Shingo Institute is named after Dr. Shigeo Shingo who distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts in improving operational excellence. The Shingo Institute’s mission is to guide leaders in creating sustainable cultures of excellence based on principles. The Shingo Institute’s vision is to be recognized as the global thought-leader in enterprise excellence. Three fundamental paradigm shifts are embedded into the Shingo Model™ for organization improvement. When these new paradigms are well understood and acted on, cultural transformation can be accelerated. The basis for the Shingo Model is that certain principles are key to sustainable cultures of excellence and to creating ideal results. The Shingo Model illustrates the relationship between principles, systems, tools, and results. This clearly defined relationship better informs leaders such that they can more effectively focus their efforts. The Shingo Model is NOT another initiative or program to implement. Rather, it introduces guiding principles, or Shingo Guiding Principles, on which to anchor current initiatives. It informs a new way of thinking that creates the capability to consistently deliver ideal results to all stakeholders.

The Shingo Model™ is not just another initiative; it is a new way of thinking.

Shingo Prize

Shingo Prize

The highest standard in the world for the organizational excellence is the Shingo prize. The Shingo Prize is based on a complete assessment of an organization’s culture and how well it drives world-class results. Shingo examiners focus on the degree to which the Guiding Principles in the Shingo Model™ are evident in the behavior of every employee. The Shingo prize refers to the highest level of recognition by the Shingo Institute. You can learn more about the assessment process as well as the guidelines for the challenging for the Shingo prize at https://shingo.org/awards/challenge-for-the-shingo-prize/