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International Lean Transformation Summit 2016: ‘Inculcating Lean Thinking for Better Tomorrow’
Institute of Lean Management (ILM), flagship event, The International Lean Transformation Summit will be held on 27 and 28 September at the Grand Ballroom – Galadari Hotel Colombo. Lean Transformation Summit is organised by ILM for the second time and this year’s theme is ‘Inculcating Lean Thinking for Better Tomorrow’. International presenters from United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and India will deliver presentations related to service excellence, hospitality management excellence, manufacturing and healthcare, food and beverage industries.
Lean Management helps improve PQCDSM
The Institute of Lean Management (ILM) bolsters industrial sector by enhancing business processes and development of human resources to encounter local and global competition on operational excellence, outlay and consignment. The institute has produced over 400 TPM Practitioners, 200 Lean Practitioners and 50 Advanced 5S Instructors to the industry since its inception in the year of 2009.
TPM Practitioner Certificate Course is highly accepted by leading manufacturing organizations
PM , Total Productive Maintenance & Management is a business strategy which can transform a factory by developing existing people and equipment with innovative management strategies and total employee involvement throughout the enterprise. Transforming a factory into an operation with an equipment-oriented management that is consistent with the changes in contemporary society is very important for survival in todays globalized, privatized and liberalized business world.
Lean Transformation: A vision for National Productivity
Lean is a business philosophy developed by Taichi Ohono in the 90`s with particular focus on manufacturing firms and later on it was developed as a enterprise - wide management philosophy. Lean is all about people and the way they use technology to eliminate waste. Lean provides a way to do more and more with less and less human effort, less equipment , less time, less inventory and less space while coming closer to providing customers with exactly what they need.