Dhammika Welhenge

Dhammika Welhenge – (BSc (hons). Chemical Engineering, C.Eng, MIESL, MAIChE)
Visiting lecturer

Dhammika was the former Country Safety, Health & Environment Coordinator, and Regional Safety, Health & Environment Auditor, Unilever PLC . He was attached to the faculty of Chemical & Process engineering, University of Moratuwa as a senior lecturer. Dhammika provided his services as the country advisor, Safety, Health & Environment of Shell Gas and currently he holds the same position at Litro Gas.

Dhammika held the position of Plant Manager, Amonia plant, State Fertilizer Manufacturing Corporation and Factory manager Sulphuric Acid/Alum plant , KG Group.He is attached to the external faculty of Institute of Lean Management (Pvt) Ltd.